Israel 1 From Abraham to Jesus

Israel 1 From Abraham to Jesus

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From Abraham to Jesus is an exciting 2000 year overview of the history of Israel beginning with Abraham, the first Jew and Father of Nations, and culminating with the birth in Bethlehem of Jesus, the Jew who divided History.

The first unit in the six-unit series lays a foundation for the units which follow by identifying the origins of the Jewish nation, the only nation on earth that God specifically called into being, and by highlighting God's interaction with those He calls His covenant, chosen people. This unit also introduces the concept of divine plans and purposes - as foretold by the Hebrew prophets - of a coming Messiah figure, a long-anticipated event which, in retrospect, shook the then known world and forever shaped history.

Film Details

Directors: Christians for Israel Canada
Language: English
Studio: Christians for Israel Canada
DVD Release Date: June 18, 2008
Run Time: 50 minutes