How Should We Then Live

How Should We Then Live

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Francis A. Schaeffer - an American Evangelical theologian, philosopher, and Presbyterian pastor s most famous for his writings and his establishment of the L'Abri community in Switzerland. Opposed to theological modernism, Shaeffer promoted an orthodox Protestant faith and a pre-suppositional approach to Christian apologetics, which he believed would answer the questions of the age. A number of scholars credit his ideas with helping spark the rise of the Christian Right in the United States. Dr. Schaeffer is also the father of the author Frank Shaeffer.

This is Dr. Francis Schaeffer's spectacular series on the rise and decline of Western culture from a Christian perspective. The series presents profound truths in simple language and concludes that man's only hope is a return to God's Biblical absolute -- the Truth revealed in Christ through the Scriptures. Each 30-minute episode focuses on a significant era of history while presenting answers to modern problems:

  • The Roman Age 
  • The Middle Ages 
  • The Renaissance 
  • The Reformation 
  • The Revolutionary Age 
  • The Scientific Age 
  • The Age of Non-reason 
  • The Age of Fragmentation 
  • The Age of Personal Peace & Affluence 
  • Final Choices

This special edition includes an intimate in-depth interview with Francis and Edith Schaeffer (in two parts) as well as a 10-week study guide in PDF.

Film Details

Actors: Dr. Francis Shaeffer
Format: Multiple Formats, Color, NTSC
Language: English
Studio: Vision Video
DVD Release Date: January 15, 2009
Run Time: 300 minutes