Discovering the Bible

Discovering the Bible

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This four-part series is a basic introduction to the Bible for those who have little or no background but is also a stimulating refresher for those who have long loved the Bible but never explored the incredible story of where the Bible actually came from and how it was passed on to us. Some highlights included in the four programs:

1. "Getting Acquainted" looks at how the Bible is a book like none other in the history of the world, its continuing influence, how it came to be written, how it is organized, and how it is intended for all and deals with questions we all face.

2. "The Old Testament" explores its amazing development, a collection that took over a thousand years to write, how it is revered by Jews as a love letter from God, how it is organized, the Dead Sea scrolls, and fascinating evidence of how the scribes accurately preserved the texts over centuries.

3. "The New Testament" looks at its relationship with the Old, how it is organized, the writing methods of the period, why and how the New Testament came to be written, whether we can trust the Gospels as the actual words of Jesus, and how the New Testament canon was formed.

4. "Survival, Spread and Influence" shows the Bible's influence in the development of Western civilization, how it survived despite repeated attempts to destroy it, how the Bible was taught in the Middle Ages, the recovery of Scripture for the laity, and how the Bible has transformed individual lives across the centuries.

Film Details

Producers: Christian History Institute
Format: Multiple Formats, Closed-captioned, Color, NTSC
Language: English
Studio: Vision Video
DVD Release Date: March 18, 2005
Run Time: 270 minutes