Bible Question

Bible Question

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Ready, Get Set, Guess!
*This game is to be played by two (2) teams.

Game 1 Rules:
Objective: To guess the given 'mystery word' (Bible Word)
Participants: Two pairs of contestants: one 'guesses' and one 'clue giver'.
Guesser: He has to guess the 'mystery word.' He must only reply Yes, No, and Can Be, other replies will incur a 3-second penalty for every wrong reply which will be deducted from their official time.

Time Limit: Each 'guesses' has 2 minutes to guess the word correctly

Game 2 Rules:
A team is given the right to ask 20 questions in order to guess the word assigned to them by the Game Master.

If the team guesses the word correctly, the team wins a point. The first team to score 5 points wins.