Missing & Adventures of the Secret Cave

Missing & Adventures of the Secret Cave

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Kevin hates living on the mission field. Mario is in a constant struggle for survival in the streets of Manila. Rina is abducted with no hope of escape. When the three cross paths, they find themselves in an adventure they will never forget. One that will change their lives forever. This exciting new film is for the whole family but is especially suitable for junior high age viewers.

Adventure of the Secret Cave

Jake isn't interested in all that "Jesus stuff" at church camp. He'd rather explore the unchartered cave he's just discovered. Reluctantly, his friends Sean and Mackenzie go along. When tunnel deep inside hew newly-found cavern, the inevitable happens and Sean must go in to rescue him. Finding Jake at the bottom of a pit with an injured leg, Sean boosts him out but remains trapped himself. Sean's sacrificial act, a dramatic cave-in, and a desperate search to rescue him all give Jake - and viewers - a new perspective on this "Jesus stuff". But will they reach their friend in time? Grade-school age kids will witness God's love as the Gospel is illustrated in this heartwarming adventure story.

Film Details

Produced by: Heinz Fussle Productions
Format: DVD, NTSC
Language: English
Runtime: 74 minutes